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Get Dean Haglund to create an original fine art piece of your beloved pet that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Begin the conversation with him by clicking below.


Commissioning a Portrait is Easy!


Contact Me 

When you fill out the form, think about size and which medium (oil, watercolor, pen & ink) you would like me to work in. This is the beginning of a conversation to see if I’m the perfect fit to provide you with quality artwork that you seek. 


50% Deposit 

Once we have determined what I am creating for you, I require a 50% deposit to begin the creative process. This involves acquiring photos and working up some quick studies to determine composition and color schemes. 


Finished Portrait

Delivery day is also a very exciting and emotional day for both of us. It is generally 2-4 weeks between first deposit and final payment. 

“Thank you so much for our artwork. You even captured the mischievous glint in her eye!”

Queensland, Australia