An Intrinsic Love for Animals

Capturing Magic onto the Canvas

My art career has been a lifelong pursuit in a variety of mediums.  And I have been fortunate enough to experience and contribute to our collective culture with a large variety of projects, always with one goal: to explore and expand upon the conversation between the world and the self. Since early childhood, my artistic expression has been nurtured by a family of multi-media artists.  My mother was a gifted painter of portraits and landscapes, and my father’s whimsical oratories (award winning toastmaster ) continue to inspire my work today.  My skill set has been developed and refined in formal learning environments and in practical application of learned methods in the areas of performing, drawing, painting and photography.


Fine Art 

One Artistic Eye Deserves Another

I like to visualize the familiar (landscapes, people, objects, animals, etc) through various personal filters and lenses and discover new ways of seeing.  I apply this same method to new sights, sometimes in reverse, making the new something familiar and the familiar something new.  My goal is always to record the individual character and honesty of the subject, and in so doing to capture what is beloved.

Often focusing on a single detail to define the whole, connecting historical elements to present narrative artifacts, dragging lost metaphors into current lexicons. I enjoy bringing carefully researched gestures/figures that come with their own inherent meaning to evoke a new story

On Screen 

Same dedication, different medium

Dean is known the world over as “Langly”, one of The Lone Gunmen, which he played for nine seasons on the hit Fox TV series The X-Files and its spin-off series The Lone Gunmen. A long-time improvisational comedian, Dean got his start in the renowned Vancouver Theatre Sports League, has performed with the Groundlings and Second City, has headlined numerous comedy clubs throughout North America and is a regular performer at the Improv in Los Angeles. For several years, Dean toured the world with his one-man improv show, playing to sold out houses and rave reviews.