My brushes await you

Passion in all I do.

More about Dean

As a result of the bond I have had with my 2 dogs, I have been able to apply my artistic insight into pet portraiture that preserves the personality and essence of an animal.  Creating paintings that reveal a pet’s quirks, playfulness, dignity, and above all, specialness, I hope you will enjoy a timeless piece of commemorative art.  Every work is as individual as the animal, and is carefully crafted to ensure an heirloom presence.

Art is a means of recording, preserving, and honouring everyday life.  My goal is to contribute to the presence of art in anyone’s everyday life by removing barriers and by making personal art for real people.  Art does not have to be reserved for the elite by subject or cost.  Let me help situate yourself in the picture.


I will try my best to respond back to you within 48 hours.